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Super Visa Insurance Ottawa

SupervisainsuranceinOttawa.ca provides Super visa Insurance for parents between the age of 40 to 89. Super Visa has some of the most important requirements like emergency Medical Insurance Proof from Canadian insurance companies and the proof of financial support from the Canadian PR or Canadian Citizen. We can help you choose the best and most affordable Super Visa Insurance. You can purchase Super Visa Medical Insurance most conveniently by clicking Buy online Tab. Super Visa Health Insurance needs to protect a minimum of $100,000 or more to a maximum of $300,000 of visits to Canada. Medical Insurance covers all eligible emergency medical expenses such as cost related to hospital visits, Walk-in Clinic, or test required by the physician.

We deal with all significant Super Visa Insurance providers. Whether you are visiting Canada or already in Canada under Supervisa and your coverage is due for renewal, we can help you get the Insurance you are looking for your parents. If you are interested in a Monthly plan for supervisa insurance, we have three providers for comparisons.
For excessive medical claims protection, we provide the best Insurance to visitors to Canada. We have innovative services insurance plans, making it easy for the visitors to understand the need to have an Insurance when they are coming to Canada. Supervisa insurance in hamilton provides a comprehensive health and travel insurance to the individual or couple. Our brokerage in Ontario.

You can undoubtedly find the Insurance plan here, which meets your needs to visit Canada. We help you put a positive impact while you travel to Canada. We assure you peace of mind when you enrolled with us. All the Insurance plans available with us are completely transparent and easy to understand for your supervisa requirements. Our policy covers the entire trip and side trips to Canada.
With the business related to all the Super Visa Insurance providers giving services in Canada, we help you assure that you accomplish all the need that needs to be there while applying for the super visa. Thus, making your visit to Canada as peaceful as you can imagine. Get in touch with one of our representatives; they will help you clear all the queries. quote” page to get an instant quote from all the major Supervisa insurance providers including 3 companies who offer monthly plans for Supervise Insurance

What is the minimum amount of coverage that I need?


You need at least $100,000 of coverage from Canadian Insurance Companies, Coverage needs to be valid for 1 year from the arrival date.

Can I cancel a Visitor to Canada insurance policy and receive a refund?


Visitors to Canada Emergency medical policy can be cancelled anytime before the effective date and full refund will be issued.

What happens if my visa is denied?


You can get a full refund on your insurance with proof that your visa was denied. If no proof of denial is provided, The insurance company will charge a cancellation fee of up to $250.

What is a Pre-existing Condition in Super Visa Insurance?


Pre-existing conditions can be any ongoing medical conditions such as blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis, EPILEPSY. Please discuss your parents and grant parents medical conditions with our licence advisor.


If you need any assistance with your Supervisa Application, we have tied up our relationship with Bhatia’s Immigration. You get a discount on their fee for the Supervisa application; use our reference, click here.

Benefits of Purchasing a Canada Super Visa Insurance plan
    • Coverage for pre-existing conditions, depending on the visitor’s Age and stability period.
    • Emergency medical treatment costs, hospitalization and repatriation
    • Dental pain relief benefit, Prescription medication cost related to Medical emergencies.
    • Cost related to walk-in clinics.
    • Easy renewal when parents decide to stay longer than one year
    • Refund if applicants are denied Super Visa with proof of denial
    • Refund If parents stay in Canada for less than a year, and there have been no claims

We have made every genuine effort to get you the best instant quotes for Super Visa Insurance using our Super Visa Insurance comparison calculator. Our Calculator asks for essential information and gives you quotes from up to 12 carriers in seconds. For quotations, we don’t require your email address and phone number. Just Age of the insured person will get you the instant quotes. Our Calculator also will help you get the Plan benefits summary in easy to understand words. You can read the benefit summary by clicking the Plan benefit Tab

Supervisa insurance has the following benefits:
  • Emergency medical treatment for sickness or injury (walk-in Clinics).
  • Services of a physician, surgeon, anesthetist, a registered nurse.
  • Private duty nursing. (Provide in-home care)
  • X-rays, ultrasounds, and laboratory services.
  • Rental of essential medical appliances.
  • Prescription drugs amount.
  • Professional medical services of a practitioner, physiotherapist, chiropractor, chiropodist, osteopath and podiatrist.
  • Family transportation: One return economy airfare or ground transportation costs
  • Coverage for the meals and accommodation during the stay in the hospital.
  • Out of pocket expenses, while hospitalized on the scheduled return date.
  • Child care
  • Accidental Dental treatment and Dental pain coverage
  • Maternity coverage, childbirth or complications during the nine weeks before the expected delivery date
  • Repatriation and Burial/cremation at the place of death (excluding the cost of a burial coffin or urn)
  • Accidental death and dismemberment
Are there any requirements for the super visa?

    A super visa requires that you must:-

  • Be an immediate family member of a Canadian or permanent resident.
  • You’ll need a letter from your Canadian child or grandchild promising you financial support during your stay.
  • A copy of your relative’s Canadian passport or Permanent Resident Card is required, as well as proof of their minimum income and residency.
  • An examination will be needed to confirm that you are medically qualified to enter Canada.
  • A Canadian insurance company must verify that you have $100,000 medical insurance.
You must ensure that your super visa insurance policy
  • Is valid for a minimum of one year following your arrival in Canada.
  • You should provide at least $100,000 in coverage.
  • Hospitalization, emergency medical care, and repatriation are covered.
  • You must present valid insurance to an immigration official every time you enter Canada.