What type of coverage do you want ?

Visitors insurance Ottawa

Planning a trip to a foreign country is a time-consuming task that involves making and checking many lists. Even so, you’re bound to forget something. Most people do whatever is necessary to ensure they don’t forget their passport since they can’t enter another country without one. Emergency medical insurance is just as important, yet many people don’t think twice about going abroad without a policy.

If you’re planning a trip to Canada, keep in mind that the country’s universal healthcare is for its own residents only. While Canada might be a friendly nation, you don’t want to rack up a hospital bill there that could exceed $8,000 per day. Even new immigrants to Canada have to wait for universal health insurance to kick in, and each province has its waiting period and other rules to keep things interesting. The Canadian government expects visitors and new immigrants alike to arrange for their temporary health insurance.

You can buy Visitors to Canada Emergency Medical insurance plan if:

  • You are not insured nor eligible for a Canadian provincial healthcare plan.
  • You are currently not seeking any medical attention in Canada.
  • Visitors to Canada medical insurance coverage is ideal for:

  • International students are studying in Canada.
  • New Landed immigrants
  • Foreign workers in Canada
  • Returning Canadian
  • Visitors to Canada (Just Visiting for vacations)
  • Could I Be Denied A Policy For Any Reason?


    Yes, the Insurance company may deny Your coverage if you are terminally ill. Your doctor has advised you not to travel or have specific health conditions the insurance company won’t cover.

    Can I get a refund if my plan to Visit Cancel?


    Yes, you can cancel your Visitors to Canada’s emergency medical insurance anytime before the effective date. Simply call us or write to us, we will take care of it.


    When should I buy visitors to Canada travel medical insurance?


    You can buy medical coverage at any time. We recommend that visitor’s insurance should be purchased before arrival in Canada. Suppose the effective date is after the arrival date. In that case, most insurance companies do not cover expenses within 48 hours up to 8 days due to sickness occurring immediately following your policy effective date

    Can I Receive Treatment For Pre-existing Conditions If It Becomes Necessary In Canada?


    There are many variables here. An insurer may be willing to provide coverage as long as your condition has remained stable for several months. There may be an age cutoff before additional restrictions on coverage for pre-existing conditions.


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